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On Steve Jobs.

What a big hoo-hah Mr Jobs has caused by admitting his health problems are more complicated than originally thought.

I’ve nothing original to add to the myriad of speculation and opinion already spouted other than to say I’m with John Gruber - the man is entitled to his privacy. He doesn’t have to tell the public anything.

Oh, and about the most sensible take i’ve read since this all kicked off is Cringely’s. Steve Jobs will one day leave Apple for good, be it through retirement or death. That is inevitable. The worst period of Apple’s history may have been the era without Jobs at the helm but that doesn’t mean the company will go down the pan the second time it happens. That is NOT inevitable.


Shortly before Christmas ITV started pushing the re-branding of their online TV catch-up service as itv Player. What an original name. The logo is epsecially creative. Nothing at all like the BBC’s online TV catch-up service iPlayer launched some time ago…

BBC and ITV Player logos

Not bad, eh? What really hurts is that some marketing team at ITV is being very well-paid to come up with such wonderful work. Or worse still, some external agency creative-types are being paid even better still to be massively uncreative.


This blog is created with WordPress. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. My blog choice was simply down to the software available from my hosts. It seems to be quite straight-forward to use and, having had a fumble around today, fairly easy to administer.

I’ve just upgraded the install to version 2.7 and that was a fairly painless experience (though, i suppose i had nothing on here for it to go wrong). Adding a new theme - Simplex - was simple and i’ve even managed to hack it a little so that the page header matches my homepage style. I just edited /simplex/style.css and /simplex/css/default.css to make the changes (Apologies to Simplex author nhuja if i’m not meant to bugger about with your work - sorry! - but i’m new to this game and it’s not like i’m claiming the design is my own).

My only grievance with wordpress so far is that the blog date entries are showing in full written date format even though i’ve chosen dd/mm/yyyy in the Settings. Odd.

Edit: A second grievance… there doesn’t appear to be a way to turn-off the “Meta” links in the sidebar. Oh well, some more hacking will get rid of that hopefully.

So, i lied.

My first-ever post wasn’t my last-ever post.

My current thinking is that i’ll use this weblog for ranting about techie things. Things that aggrevate or excite me, that amuse or bemuse me. In short, it’ll probably be boring as hell. Much like every other blog on t’web then i suppose.