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This blog is created with WordPress. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not. My blog choice was simply down to the software available from my hosts. It seems to be quite straight-forward to use and, having had a fumble around today, fairly easy to administer.

I’ve just upgraded the install to version 2.7 and that was a fairly painless experience (though, i suppose i had nothing on here for it to go wrong). Adding a new theme - Simplex - was simple and i’ve even managed to hack it a little so that the page header matches my homepage style. I just edited /simplex/style.css and /simplex/css/default.css to make the changes (Apologies to Simplex author nhuja if i’m not meant to bugger about with your work - sorry! - but i’m new to this game and it’s not like i’m claiming the design is my own).

My only grievance with wordpress so far is that the blog date entries are showing in full written date format even though i’ve chosen dd/mm/yyyy in the Settings. Odd.

Edit: A second grievance… there doesn’t appear to be a way to turn-off the “Meta” links in the sidebar. Oh well, some more hacking will get rid of that hopefully.