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Another idea taken.

I’ve been beaten to creating the LED lightbulb, a decent set of cable identifiers and now a “shell” for the 3rd generation iPod Shuffle. As soon as i saw the latest iPod Shuffle i knew there’d be a market for a “jacket” that added controls to the body of the button-free MP3 player (I’d certainly buy one). Alas i failed to turn the designs in my head into reality before Core77 pointed out the Scosche tapSTICK

Scosche tapSTICK

Just slot your 3rd gen Shuffle into the back of it, and voila you have a tiny-though-not-quite-as-tiny Shuffle complete with buttons and the freedom to use whatever headphones you like. Excellent.

Obvioulsy the tapSTICK isn’t as pretty as the device i’d invented in my mind’s eye but at least you can actually buy it…