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LED Lightbulbs.

Four or five years ago i realised that LEDs were the inevitable future of lighting and decided that if i wanted to make pots and pots of cash i should produce an LED bulb. Unfortunately I hadn’t yet got around to that item on my to-do list and now it seems Philips have beaten me to it.1

They’ve created a range of LED lightbulbs that use very little power (approx 7watts to produce a “45watt bulb” effect), last upto 45,000 hours (that’s 5 years if you left it on permanently) and employ standard fittings. They’re bound to be expensive (since you make a saving in the long-run) but this is one bulb you wouldn’t want to hide behind a shade…

philips master led bulb

The Core77 Blog also details Philips’ new “LivingColours” lamp which, through the use of primary-coloured LEDs, is capable of creating 16 million different colours. Presumably none of those 16 million will be black though.

  1. Damn those international corporations with their huge R&D budgets! How is a fat, lazy man from Northern England meant to compete with them?