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Further duplication.

I’ve no further insight into why this happens, but here’s another example of the same idea being independently germinated at around the same time.

Compare and contrast: Qubic Modular Power System and YOUMO Smart Modular Power Strip

Curious. I like both, by the way. And that the YOUMO raised €177,000 on Kickstarter against a 50K target suggests this sort of thing should have been made years ago. (It definitely should.)

PS. Funnily enough, I also came across this Kickstarter for “Splyt Light”, which instantly reminded me of Peter Larkam’s Branch (touched upon in that original “On ideas” post), only it’s a bit more practical and far less pretty.

PPS. I just noticed that since the Branch lighting system, Peter Larkam has had a go at designing a modular smartphone and that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Click concept produced by his former classmate Oliver Rooker. Plagiarism or inspiration? Intentional or unconscious? The only thing I’m certain of any more is this topic opening many cans of worms.