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It could be me. (Draw #17)

Have a guess how i faired with this week’s lottery numbers. Go on. Have a guess. Now check your answer below:

Numbers drawn: 18, 26, 33, 35, 37, 47 + bonus ball 03

My Numbers: 06, 09, 11, 23, 33, 44

No. of matching numbers: 1

Price of ticket: £1

Amount won: £0

Financial outcome: -£1

One number matched. Wooooooo!

Lottery balance: £-17  //  Not A Lottery balance: £17.01

Recent technological happenings

I do hope that you don’t rely on this blog in order to keep up-to-speed with “tech” news, as it’s been a long while since i posted about such things. There have been a few stories lately that i felt i could’ve written about but i just haven’t found time to (read: been bothered to), so here are the really short versions:

HP buys Palm: I really, really, really, really, really hope that HP do something good with Palm’s webOS. Stick that mobile operating system inside “the HP Slate” that Microsoft were showing off earlier in the year and the iPad might have a serious contender.

New Mac Mini: Apple’s new Mac Mini is even mini-er, looks even more beautiful and adds HDMI output1. BUT… SIX HUNDRED AND FIFTY QUID! I remember when the Mini was Apple’s “budget” offering. That the machine doesn’t come with a keyboard and mouse now seems criminal.

iPhone 4 announced: The marketing proclaims this is a revolution. Hyperbole, of course. It is a very nice evolution of the platform though. I’ve resisted 3 incarnations but i’ll definitely be buying this one.

Slim XBOX360 and Project Natal = Kinect: Microsoft’s XBOX360 has been shrunk slightly, got a shiny new angular-design case, comes with WiFi built-in, a 250GB hard drive and is “whisper quiet”. No word on whether this new box is any more reliable than the old ones though2. Microsoft’s other announcement was that the Wii-a-like Project Natal will come to market as “Kinect”. So soon you’ll be able to dance about in front of the telly if you like. Personally, i associate gaming with sitting on my fat arse, expending as little energy as possible.

  1. What does this mean for the Apple TV? 

  2. We’ll assume not – though note the new Slim 360 is actually incapable of showing the Red Ring of Death

A dual-screen laptop that you can buy.

Long-time followers will recall that i have been banging on about dual-screen laptops for some time. The concept really excites me1 and so i was rather pleased to discover this morning that Toshiba are actually releasing one. No word on pricing yet, but according to The Register the Toshiba Libretto W100 “netbook” will be available come July…

Toshiba Libretto W100

  1. No, not like that. 

It could be me. (Draw #16)

ICBM draw number 16 (or, National Lottery Lotto draw number 1512, if you prefer) took place on the evening of Saturday 19th June 2010. Here’s how i faired:

Numbers drawn: 34, 37, 39, 41, 42, 47 + bonus ball 45

My Numbers: 06, 09, 11, 23, 33, 44

No. of matching numbers: 0

Price of ticket: £1

Amount won: £0

Financial outcome: -£1

Yet again, not a sausage.

Lottery balance: £-16  //  Not A Lottery balance: £16.01