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Plugs, plugs, plugs.

Regularly viewers will know that I have a bit of a thing for the British electric plug. Today a friend asked me to dig out the URL of a CNET article I once linked-to and it reminded me that i’ve been meaning to post this video for ages. It’s excellent. And was the piece of evidence I used to finally persuade my wife to stop using those stupid plastic “safety” socket covers. Enjoy, domestic electrical system fans!

Makes you proud, doesn’t it Britain? God bless the Queen, and all who sail in her.

Now, while I’m here writing about plugs I can’t go without mentioning the recent excitement about Apple’s new USB charger for the UK. What’s the excitement? Well, it has folding pins. Yes, FOLDING PINS! A few years ago I wondered if Apple might licence the design of the excellent Mu folding plug but it turns out they’d rather just make their own. What a beautiful, beautiful thing. Thank you Sir Jony.