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Another camera that follows you.

Almost a year ago I wrote about the Lily camera – a drone that automatically follows you around, photographing and filming your every move. It looked amazing in the marketing video but far from ready in a hands-on video I had found. It was due to ship February 2016 but at the time of writing still isn’t available.

You might recall, I also commented on the similar Hexo+ drone, which was more expensive (and required a separate Go Pro camera purchase) but also a bit more polished. Clearly it was: the Hexo+ is now available to buy (for a cool $1000).

Today I want to mention another of these follow-me drones I just learnt about: Hover Camera by Zero Zero Robotics. This thing appears to be more floating selfie-stick than the automatic outdoor-adventure cameraman of the Lily or Hexo+, but it’s equally impressive:

Sure that’s glossy promotional material by Zero Zero themselves, but go take a look at the hands-on feature that Engadget have published too. I remain impressed. The video footage captured by the drone definitely looks like it still needs work (I see much stuttering), but it’s small and light and the follow-me features look great. So, yet another to keep an eye on.