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The camera that follows you.

Have you heard about Lily? I don’t know much about drones1 but this looks like some mightily impressive stuff…

Great, isn’t it? Pure magic. I love the “no setup required” angle. In fact, it kind of reminds me of Apple a little. Taking an existing product and just making it simple enough for ANYONE to use and enjoy, while enthusiasts and experts miss the point entirely and moan about how it could be done cheaper, or be made more advanced, or allow for user modifications.

All that said, the above video is marketing material. Intrigued to note that Lily won’t ship until February 2016 I went looking for more information about its development. This Guardian Tech video is one of the first things I found…

I think it’s fair to say that the reality doesn’t quite live up to the marketing right now. Which probably comes as somewhat of a relief to GoPro. Anyway, I’ll definitely keep an eye on Lily – I like the idea a lot. I also look forward to the first video of someone throwing one off a cliff, having forgotten to check the battery is charged.

  1. Drones? When I was a lad we called these things remote-controlled helicopters.