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Upon seeing the new Retina Display MacBook Pro for the first time my immediate thought was that the display looked even better than those of the iPhone and iPad. Given that the iOS devices have higher DPI screens though, i sort of dismissed this thought as an impossibility. However, in his latest post – which is all about pixels – John Gruber offers an answer as to why the MacBook Pro screen looks better

One conclusion I’ve made in the weeks I’ve been using this machine: sub-pixel anti-aliasing matters. iOS doesn’t offer sub-pixel anti-aliasing; Mac OS X does. And I believe it’s one reason on-screen text looks even better on the retina MacBook Pro than it does on the ostensibly higher-resolution iPad and iPhone.

So the Mac makes up for a lower DPI display by employing some neat tricks. Well, I can confirm that they most definitely work – the new MacBook display is stunning.