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Toshiba SD490EKB.

A quick 15-step guide to retrieving the disc left inside your Toshiba SD490EKB Upscaling DVD Player when it develops a fault and won’t turn on…

  1. Remove the 5 black screws from the rear of the case.
  2. Lift off the metal casing.
  3. Remove the 1 screw holding on the front panel.
  4. Disconnect the ribbon cable that runs from front panel to main circuit board.
  5. Prize open the 5 plastic catches around the edge of the front panel.
  6. Pull off the front panel.
  7. Remove the 3 silver screws from around the DVD drive unit.
  8. Disconnect the 2 cables that connect the drive unit and main circuit board.
  9. Carefully lift the drive unit upwards (there is a ribbon underneath which is glued down).
  10. Gently peel/pull off the ribbon cable.
  11. Turn over the drive unit.
  12. See the bit that looks like it moves? Slide that right to left – the disc is released and the drive tray starts opening.
  13. Pull open the tray carefully and retrieve your DVD.
  14. Now run the above steps in reverse to fasten the DVD player back together.
  15. a) Return the player to the retailer for a refund or replacement, or b) if it’s out of warranty, take it outside, lay it on a flat, hard surface and repeatedly jump up and down on it until there’s nought left to crunch. (Sturdy footwear recommended.)

I’ve had two of these SD490EKBs. Both stopped turning on. The first a few weeks after purchase (replaced by the retailer). The second lasted about 18 months. If you take a look at customer reviews of this range of Toshiba upscalers you’ll see this is not uncommon. Which is a shame, because they’re really good little players otherwise.

Note: Yes, yes, I know this guide might be infinitely more useful if i’d included a photograph for each of the 15 steps but, in my hurry to enthusiastically perform step 15b, i plain forgot to take pictures. Sorry.