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Try again Toshiba.

They might’ve failed with the Folio 100 but Toshiba are back with another attempt on the iPad’s throne: Welcome the Toshiba Tablet.

The Toshiba Tablet

Looking at the promo page, two things immediately strike me. 1) That is one CHUNKY tablet, and 2) Toshiba are really emphasising the technical specs of the device. That’s just the opposite of Apple’s iPad marketing which focuses almost exclusively on the software experience.

If you’re interested in seeing more pics of this beastie, you might prefer to look at the images on The Register’s article as the gallery on Toshiba’s site is very dark.

PS. It looks like someone’s dropped a bollock with Photoshop on that image i’ve used above. Can you spot the error?

(Clue: Look at the reflection.)