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Twitter on the iPhone.

This post originally started as a rant about how every Twitter app available for the iPhone had some flaw. How it was seemingly impossible for developers to take the best of all the other apps on the market and make their offering perfect. How the official Twitter app always fucks up loading the “gaps” in your timeline when you’re playing catchup and how it crashes when some image fails to load. How Twitterific has no drafts and lacks admin tools for lists. How Echofon seems to have no option to save drafts. How Twitbird can’t favourite tweets. How Osfoora just seems to be a blatant rip-off of the official Twitter app yet people claim it’s better. How none of these apps will show you who retweeted your tweet.

But i don’t have to write any of that anymore, because Tweetbot came along. Quick and simple to use but feature rich, rock solid and – the holy grail – can show who retweeted you. It isn’t completely perfect (yet) but it blows everything else clean out of the water in my opinion.