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Top 3 searches.

I was just looking through the search terms1 that bring visitors to this website from search engines. The list is certainly an odd collection of words but what stands out is the repeated appearance of variations of certain phrases. So i decided to do some collating.

Here are the all-time top 3 searches that lead people to this blog… (in dramatic reverse order)

#3 – “Bosanko” and variations – 115 visitors

Searches relating to light-graffiti artist Michael Bosanko appear quite often in my stats page despite me only having mentioned him twice to date.

#2 – “O2 Joggler” and variations – 175 visitors

I’ve written about the O2 joggler quite a lot so it’s no surprise that the blog manages to appear in search engine listings. What continues to surprise me is the amount of interest (search-wise) that the Joggler generated but how that doesn’t appear to have translated into sales. The device no longer appears to be available to buy from O2 and you could argue the market it tried to serve has been stolen by the iPad and Android tablets but i reckon there is still a place in the home for a low-power, always-on, web-enabled picture-frame device – at the right price. If it could browse the web proper i’d pay somewhere in the £30-50 region for one – maybe as a birthday or Christmas present for family. Hell, stick a webcam in it and allow for video-calling and i might pay upto £100. That’s a lot cheaper than an iPad.

#1 – “Princess Leia gold bikini” and variations – 756 visitors

Yep, Princess Leia and her famous golden bikini are far and away the biggest traffic generator for this blog. It looks like Dave Turner was absolutely right.

  1. According to the statistics collected by the WordPress Stats plugin.