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This is a call…

Hello there. Thanks for stopping by at my little cul-de-sac on the InterWeb.

Apparently, visitors will come gather around the flame of my blog like the proverbial moths if i utter the simple magic words “Princess Leia Gold Bikini“.

I’m just seeing if this is true or not. Sorry for any confusion or inconvenience caused.

By way of an apology, here is the famous bikini…

Princess Leia and her famous Gold Bikini.


Now please go and look at some of my other posts. They’re not about Princess Leia, Boba Fett or even Salacious Crumb, but they are about geeky things. Geeky things like lovely Apples, device designs, Twitter and general sputum from around the Internet.

Update: That “apparently” link above is out of date, since Dave changed his twitter username. This one should work though.