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Enable two-finger scrolling on your PC.

Since i got a MacBook, i’ve not been able to use a PC laptop trackpad without thinking the thing is broken. That is how natural i find the “multi-touch” two-finger scrolling gesture of Apple’s notebooks. The traditional but cumbersome click-with-your-thumb-then-scroll-with-index-finger manoeuvre of PC trackpads is quickly forgotten once you’ve spent even a little time with the MacBook1.

Thus i was very pleased to discover that the latest Synaptics trackpad drivers incorporate two-finger scrolling, and even more so that it is supported on older hardware2. Yep, if you find yourself stuck with a PC laptop at work but it uses a Synaptics ‘pad, you should be able to add some two-finger scrolling goodness. Hallelujah!

Download the WindowsXP drivers here.

  1. No really, it is. My very-non-technical, very-non-apple-fan wife now even complains that the PC trackpad “doesn’t work properly”. 

  2. I can confirm that this update just enabled two-finger scrolling on a 5 year old Dell Latitude X300.