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Those new HP ENVY notebooks.

When HP announced their new ENVY line of notebooks, i couldn’t help but remark on how similar they looked to Apple’s unibody MacBooks. Needless to say, I was very interested to see how they’d compare beyond appearances. There’s been a little wait, but Engadget now have a proper review of these machines online: looky-looky. It’s quite a positive piece… until we discover that the trackpad is virtually impossible to use. Oh.

Also, for what it’s worth1, i think that textured pattern on the palm-rest area (which wasn’t apparent in HP’s publicity shots but is in Engadget’s own pics) looks really nasty. Like the HP designers went and stole a bit of the Dell Adamo after they’d finished being “inspired” by the MacBook.

Nice try HP. More work required though it seems.

  1. A close approximation to zero.