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Two point eight.

I’ve just upgraded this thing to WordPress 2.8 using the automatic-built-in-updater-thingy.

It appears to have worked OK but you never know, i might find something amiss soon. If you spot anything looking decidely wrong or behaving pear-shapedly please do let me know (via a comment/email/smoke signal/etc). Thanks.

Update: Aw, shit. The “Tag Cloud” widget (the bit you see as “Common Tags…” on the right) is no longer cloud-like. It’s just a list. Ug-er-lee.

Update #2: Ah-ha. Sorted the Tag Cloud problem. Turns out that the cloud was known as #Tag_Cloud but in WordPress 2.8 has become #Tag_Cloud-2 (why?!). So to fix, i’ve had to alter all references appropriately in the CSS files (/simplex/style.css and /simplex/css/default.css). Lovely.