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As you may have noticed, the look of this place has changed. I’ve been meaning to update to a newer, refined version of the SimpleX WordPress theme for ages now but the fact i’d have to find, note and re-do all my little personalisations (read: shitty CSS hacks) has been putting me off. Then i happened across a lovely simple theme that i liked the look of – Elmastudio’s Ari – and decided to “update” to that instead.

Out of the packet, Ari allows for more customisation than SimpleX, which is obviously a big plus, though i’ve still had to have a little dabble in the PHP and CSS files to alter one or two things.

I’ve noticed some pages looking a little odd with the new theme active (related to image positioning, i think), so please do shout up if you spot anything that looks wrong. There’s a prize1 for the person who finds the most faults.

  1. Prize to be entirely verbal. Zero cash value.