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I joined twitter out of boredom and curiosity. After a little exposure to it, I imagined that i’d use it to pass simple commentary or post links, thereby replacing the really short posts i made here. Twitter for the trivial stuff, Blog for the opinions and thoughts worth expanding on.

Only it hasn’t quite worked out like that. I’ve been posting on twitter (just about) daily since i joined up but posts here have gradually fallen off in that same period. Yesterday I realised that i haven’t written anything here since the middle of May – that’s about 20 days ago.

It seems that by posting instant opinion on the latest (tech) news, i allow myself to then forget all about it. Before using twitter i’d digest the news and where my interest was perked, ponder things a little more then release a stream of opinion onto these pages. Twittering about things, however, just seems to purge them from my mind.

The only story i can remember thinking “I’ll write about that on the blog” in the last 20 days is the release of the O2 Joggler. Hopefully i’ll get around to writing that entry very soon. In the meantime, here’s what i said regarding the Joggler on twitter…

Dear O2, you could have been onto a massive winner with the Joggler. Unfortunately, you appear to have fucked it up. Kindest regards, Mark.


Dear OpenPeak, you could be onto a massive winner with the OpenFrame. Hopefully someone will use it better than O2 have. Regards, Mark.

What wit. I’m sure that’s wet your appetite for more.