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On twitter.

Lately i’ve been finding it harder and harder to kill time on Facebook. I don’t know whether less is happening on there these days or if it’s just that the recent “Home” re-design that just makes it appear that way. Anyway, regardless of the cause, i’ve been looking for somewhere new on the web to procrastinate (besides here) and yesterday gave-in to the pull of twitter.

I don’t know what finally convinced me to give it a try exactly. I think part of it was that “micro-blogging” might complement this thing nicely (enabling me to quickly record fanciful ideas and otherwise-fleeting thoughts whenever and wherever they struck me) and also, if i’m perfectly honest, partly to see what all the fuss was about.

It’s too early to say whether twitter will be of any use to me but i can already tell you what the fuss is all about – celebrities. Twitter provides the general public an insight into the thoughts and feelings of celebrities in a way that has never been possible before – but perhaps most importantly also a chance to interact with these people too. I might be wrong of course, there might be something more to it all, but that’s my immediate feeling.

PS. You can find my (t)witterings at (Don’t worry if you can’t be arsed with reading it – i aim to have my twitter feed plugged into this blog at some point, so i can bore you in stereo)