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April 1st.

It’s that time of year again – April Fools Day. You fall for the first fake news story you see that morning and then treat every other you read that day skeptically, seeing everything as ridiculous, even those that clearly aren’t.

TheRegister has their usual collection of tom-foolery HERE, HERE and HERE… and another which i’m still actually undecided about. Oh, but the one about the Motorola phone that costs over £1200 is real, apparently.

Over at Google, this year’s efforts sadly aren’t as good as last year’s Virgle ruse or 2007’s Gmail Paper announcement.

Meanwhile, the Guardian claims it is switching to publishing exclusively via Twitter and Kodak’s homepage announced the introduction of the “eyeCamera”.

Oh, and BMW had this ad printed in at least one UK newspaper…

BMW advert, 1st April

I must admit it had me going for a while. Gullible bastard.