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The Bear and the Hare.

I guess by now you’re likely to be familiar with John Lewis’ Christmas TV ad, The Bear and the Hare.

Just in case you aren’t, here it is…

Whether you like or dislike the advert (or couldn’t care less), I expect you assumed it was created with CG. Yes? Well, you’d be wrong. Rather incredibly, they’ve drawn those 2D characters and then animated them with stop-motion on a 3D set. An extremely lengthy and delicate operation requiring thousands of models but one which has yielded a beautiful result. I really admire this sort of work, even if it is just to help a big name retailer start hawking Christmas in November.

Creative Review has the full story, which I fully recommend you giving over 10 minutes to.

Update: The original John Lewis video seems to have been made unavailable, so i’ve swapped the above embed for someone else’s copy…