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xkcd and others.

xkcd is a comic that gets a lot of mentions on (particularly geeky parts of) the web but i’ve never really been a fan. Occasionally, there is a gem though. Such as today’s.

And i have to admit this one from last week also raised a smile.

Such a shame that nerdy comic strips (you might choose to call them “webcomics” but then i’d have to start disliking you – assuming I didn’t already) like this are so hit and miss. Joy of Tech is another that looks promising but in reality only produces something great every now and then.

No, it seems if you want consistant amusement then there’s only one option – Dilbert.


Some bloke has created a cardboard computer case for the Greener Gadgets Design Competition. A little bit bulky but i kind of like it. And apparently the Core2Duo innards won’t set it ablaze, if you were about to point out the seemingly obvious.

Other entries to the competition include a concrete external hard drive and a printer that uses tea and coffee dregs as ink (although these two seem to be more about “statement” than any sort of usefulness).

True Geekery.

It’s little more than a week until “UNIX” time will read 1234567890. Check the counter here. You know you’re a geek if you find this even mildly interesting. Don’t worry if you couldn’t care less though – you’ll only have to put up with us until 2038. That’s when the world as we know it will end.