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Microsoft’s billions.

Oooooooh! The web is going speculation crazy over some financial jiggery-pokery Microsoft announced on Monday that’ll leave them about $4billion better off. Most folk assume they’re prepping for some big takeover, the question just being choice of target.


The obvious action would be another attempt at taking search-engine Yahoo! but there’s quite a few folk suggesting it’ll be German software giant SAPSome guess it might be Blackberry-maker RIM, while others are even proposing Palm or Dell as targets. Meanwhile, some clever dick reckons that MS could, with their cash-Everest, probably afford to buy The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner, Yahoo! and Facebook without much stretching. I’m just surprised there’s been no mention of them buying Twitter yet. I’m sure it’ll happen sooner or later (the rumour, not the takeover).

Anyway, it’d be remiss of me to not join in, so here’s my own crazy speculation… Microsoft will buy Skype. Remember you read it here first, ladies and gents.

Picking fault.

Here’s a really, really, really great blog post by John Siracusa titled “Hypercritical” which discusses the importance of criticism in creativity. I probably enjoyed the essay so much because i feel like it’s something i could have written, or attempted to write anyway (save comparing myself to Wolverine and Steve Jobs – i lack that level of self-confidence). Fortunately for you, dear reader, Mr Siracusa is better at transcribing his thoughts than yours truly.


I’ve just changed the blog’s “tagline” (that subheading up there at the top of the page, but under “sallonoroff”) from:

some thoughts on technology, recorded for future embarrassment.


some thoughts on things made with ones and noughts.

I only realised the other day that i’d missed out on this rhyming reference to binary. Yes, the change comes at the cost of some self-deprecation but i can’t deny the world such examples of my Mad Skillz, baby.