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Sony’s Joggler.

You may recall that my main gripe with the O2 Joggler is that for an internet-enabled device its functionality is too limited. There’s talk of it soon having the now-obligatory “app store” but sadly for O2 they may have just been beaten to the punch by Sony, who announced their “personal internet viewer” Dash at CES yesterday.

Sony Dash

This little box doesn’t look like it has a full web browser, but with a reported 1000+ free apps available at launch it covers a hell of a lot more content than the Joggler does. Of course, the Dash won’t do the SMS-integration and what-have-you offered by O2, but how many Jogglers are being bought for that stuff? I wouldn’t suspect that figure is very high.

If the Dash goes on sale in the UK with a reasonable price tag (it’s starting at $199 in the US – fingers-crossed that means somewhere south of £150 over here) then it’ll certainly be more tempting than the Joggler ever was.

More pictures of the Dash available at

A joke.

Have you heard about the OpenOfficeMouse? If not, here’s a picture…

The OpenOffice Mouse

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and I think that in this particular case each of those is “what?!”.

I can’t see how anyone can even begin to think that this thing is real – look at it! – though apparently it is. I maintain that this is a hoax but if it is no-one’s let on yet.

Update: OpenOffice have denied any involvement, thankfully. The OpenOfficeMouse has since changed it’s name to OOMouse.