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Here’s a great blog post about passwords – particularly password strength meters – by Dan Wheeler on the Dropbox tech blog. He’s coded a password tester that he hopes is more useful than existing (and generally rather simplistic) offerings.

I won’t try to pretend that I followed the rather technical and mathematical bits in the middle of the piece but the bits I did understand I found really interesting.

You can try Dan’s password strength tester HERE. And afterwards you’ll probably find yourself considering changing one or two passwords.

PS: After reading through the comments on Dan’s post, here are a few more password-related tools that you may or may not find useful…

GRC’s Interactive Brute Force Search Space Calculator (I’ve long been a user of their Password Generator but this calculator is news to me)

Wordkey App

How Secure Is My Password?

Dropbox referrals.

I just noticed that my Dropbox quota has increased. Bit of a surprise, because as far as I was aware I hadn’t done anything to warrant it. It turns out the Dropbox team have doubled the amount of extra space you’re gifted for referring people to the service and applied this retroactively. So every 250MB bonus you’ve ever had is now a 500MB bonus. Nice.

Incidentally, if you fancy signing up for the most excellent Dropbox service, then perhaps you could use THIS LINK to do so and we’ll both bag an extra 500 meg of free storage. Ta.

Invoked Computing.


A research group at the University of Tokyo are creating a new paradigm in Human Computer Interaction. Dubbed ‘Invoked Computing’ the idea is to turn everyday objects into computer interfaces and communication devices.

Go and watch the video. I think that the two current prototypes – while undoubtedly cool – are kind of limited and clunky, but the ideas… the thinking… INCREDIBLE. Genuinely exciting and huge potential for the future.