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Spare One.

Spare One

So, here’s the SpareOne. A mobile phone powered by a single AA battery and – as the name suggests – intended to be kept as a spare.

It’s a novel idea, and a lovely bit of design, but i’m not convinced there’s very much point to it. Let’s take a look at the 4 “use cases” suggested by the makers.

  1. Daily Emergency Phone. Just in case. “I forgot my charger”

Sure, makes sense. Only we’re heading towards a world of standardised mobile phone mains chargers. Also, car chargers are available. And spare batteries. And battery-boosters. And solar chargers. And sometimes you can find these quaint things called telephones in people’s houses or place of work. Furthermore, if you’re out in the wilds away from any sort of power source, then what are the chances of mobile coverage anyway?

  1. Travel Phone. Save roaming charges. “I am not paying those roaming charges”

Um… how would this be any different than just sticking a local SIM in your own phone exactly?

  1. Family Safety. Peace of mind. “I hope the kids are safe”

Yeah, i’m sure there’d be no social stigma attached to being seen carrying one of these.

  1. Emergency Phone. Natural disaster. “I couldn’t find power anywhere”

That AA battery might well last upto 15 years but i doubt the SIM card would still be active after such a period.

Snarking aside, i’m fairly sure the SpareOne will find itself a niche market. Probably related to that last use case – in the event of a true emergency. I can quite see them being included in First Aid packs or being distributed en masse in disaster zones.

Via Reg Hardware.