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41 megapixels!!!!one!!

You might have read that Nokia just announced a new phone that features a 41 megapixel camera. You might have also read lots of “ZOMG! 41 megapixels! Amazing!” and “OMG! 41 megapixel camera! Too far, Nokia!” -type comments too. I know I certainly have.

It seems that most news reports are focussing on (and sensationalising) the 41 megapixel statistic, rather than on what is actually being done with those pixels. On the face of it, 41 megapixels does seem somewhat of a jump in sensor size, given that most cameraphones currently sport 5-8 megapixel shooters, but there’s method to Nokia’s madness. They’re actually “oversampling”.

All Things D has a very readable article about the new device and particularly the story behind that 41 megapixel sensor.