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Remote capture.

Long-time visitors to this site may recall me mentioning the idea of a remote viewfinder for a camera once or twice before. It’s a concept i was convinced had legs and one we’d see become reality before long. Well, now1 it is a reality – though admittedly not in exactly the way i’d envisaged.

The Register has a review of the Samsung SH100, a 14megapixel point-and-shoot digital camera that through the use of inbuilt wifi allows you, amongst other things, to take pictures remotely using your Samsung Android smartphone. Not quite the detachable-screen system that i’d formulated but it achieves the same thing. El Reg’s review only touches on this remote capture capability to say that it works ok but to me it nevertheless appears rather impressive. This is definitely some tech i’d like to try out in person.

It’ll be interesting to see if this sort of technology becomes ubiquitous in world of photography. I like to imagine it will.

  1. Where “now” actually means “as-of August 2011”. I’ve really had my finger on the pulse lately.