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That’s how i roll.

So, a while ago i cracked this less-than-brilliant joke on twitter…

That's how i roll.

Obviously, at the time, i thought i was being marvellously original but then once i’d posted it i started seeing other versions of the gag being retweeted about twitter. It was fairly clear that these were not rip-offs but “original” tweets – written completely differently, but in essence exactly the same joke. Over time i got used to seeing it, pointing them out to no-one but myself… until one day i saw this:

How @intruth rolls.

It wasn’t a stranger’s joke being retweeted at me but, @intruth, someone i follow (and who follows me) making the gag. So i mentioned my version to him. Then @thom_white piped up that he’d been trying to write something with the same punchline. Ever since then the 3 of us have been pointing out further examples to each other when we see them.

Here’s the collection so far… (sadly, i never made a note of the 6 or 7 that i spotted before @intruth’s and it’s not really possible to search for these jokes since it turns out that the people of twitter use “that’s how i roll” quite a lot.)

How @Its_Death rolls.

How @StephenMangan rolls.

How @stacks3stripe rolls.

How @danielmaier rolls.