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Take off.

I just realised that i now know a lot of iPhone owners. It’s probably the first time since the Philips DIGA1 in 1998(?) that i’ve known so many friends and family members with the same sort of mobile phone.

This time 2 years ago, i knew one person with an iPhone. (It wasn’t me.)

This time a year ago, i knew three people with iPhones. (None of them were me.)

Now, i know (at least) 10 people with iPhones. (One of them is me.)

I’m not really sure where i’m going with this, other than to provide anecdotal confirmation of Apple’s sales figures. It doesn’t look to me like “antennagate” is putting people off. Oh, and incidentally, i’ve yet to know anyone who had an iPhone but switched to another device once their contract expired.

The mobile phone universe had it’s big bang and expanded phenomenally but is it now contracting?

  1. Looking back at pics of old Philips phones, I think it was the DIGA. I can’t actually remember the name – i just know it was a Philips, available on BTCellnet and the 2 biggest features were SMS messaging and an interchangeable, coloured plastic ring for the aerial. AND EVERYONE HAD THEM (so the coloured rings were handy for easily identifying your own phone when they were all sat on the pub table).