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It could be me.

First up, a warning: this post isn’t very heavy on technological content, so if you’re purely here for computer chat please look away now. The rest of you, however, may1 find this interesting.

I think it’s safe to say that most of us would always like a little bit more money. We can try to earn it through hard work but let’s face it, unless you’re one of those lucky fucks who’s found a job they like doing, that’s pretty tiresome. There’s always bank robbery or prostitution to fall back on but there are a few risks associated with those routes. So, how do we make a fortune without working hard or choosing a life of crime? Well, if you’re not pretty enough to bleed a football player dry then you’ll have to try the lottery.

I have, like many plebs, fantasised about what i’d do with millions and millions of pounds from a lottery win2 but unfortunately my dreams could never have been realised for one simple reason – i rarely actually buy a lottery ticket. I’m one of those ooh-that’s-a-massive-jackpot part-timers.

But no more; I’m going full-time.

Lottery balls

March 2010 sees a Direct Debit come into effect which will fund one ticket for every future (Saturday) UK National Lottery draw. My intention at the time of writing is to let this DD run for a year, during which time i’ll monitor and report my lottery successes/failures here on the blog.

Of course, like all good experiments, i’ll have a control sample in place. Everytime my dad plays the lottery my mum lets rip with a “It’d be better off in the bank!” – and so alongside my lottery playing, i’ll be doing some banking. Whenever a Great British Pound leaves my bank account and enters Camelot’s there’ll also be one heading into an online savings account, so after 12 months we’ll have proof, once and for all, whether it’s better to gamble on the lottery or play it safe with the banks.

Pessimistic ol’ me currently thinks that the worst case scenario (£52 lost to the lottery, £52 + a tiny amount of interest in a bank account) will be the one that plays out. As they say though, you never know unless you give it a go.

It could be me.

  1. May. 

  2. Buy a shit-load of Macs i’d never have chance to use, of course.