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How popular is the O2 Joggler?

Remember the O2 Joggler? It’s been many months since O2 advertised the thing and quite a while since i mentioned it, yet that post is by far the most popular on this blog and terms like “o2 joggler”, “joggler” and “joggler hack” still bring more visitors here from search engines than any other. This leaves me constantly wondering what that means with regards the device’s popularity. Is it selling well? Is it selling at all?1 Or is the “concept” more popular than O2’s realisation of it?

There definitely seems to be “mindshare” for the joggler, even if the stock remains on O2’s shelves. Furthermore, the number of other companies that are coming up with similar devices means that there must be consumer interest in digital-photo-frames-that-are-more-than-just-digital-photo-frames.

I’m really struggling to see why don’t O2 fix the problems with the Joggler (ie. remove the software restrictions) and reap the rewards? They might prevent reviews like this if they did…

  1. I’d love to see some sales figures – anyone know where i might find such a thing publicly?