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Collecting pictures.

There are plenty of blogs out there that collate theme-specific images and in the past i’ve linked to some good examples (about food and poor english) but lately there seems to have been a bit of an explosion of these sites (Or perhaps it’s just twitter that’s exposing me to them more?). FAILblog, Engrish Funny, Cake Wrecks, Awkward Boners and Awkward Family Photos are all excellent examples but my new favourites of this genre just have to be Photoshop Disasters and Passive Aggressive Notes.

Here are some great Photoshop Disasters…

Vanity Fair: Sleeve It Out

Boart Longyear: Corporate Report And Death To America

AT&T: Whoops

Mystery Meat: Knee To No Basis

Meanwhile, this Passive Aggressive Note is probably the funniest thing i’ve seen since the Bruno movie trailer

passive aggressive vinegar