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The device between iPhone and Mac.

The Apple rumour-mill has been working overtime lately with tales of netbooks, which have in the last few days developed into talk of Mac tablets (again) and diet iPhones. Personally, i don’t see an Apple netbook (in the Eee-sense at least) ever happening but a Macintosh tablet is something might have legs. Especially if it was anything like Craig Hockenberry’s “Front Row To Go” suggestion – a device that compliments your iPhone/iPod Touch and Macintosh, rather than something that might be bought instead of them. I particularly like the idea of such a device acting as a peripheral – for your iPod, iPhone or AppleTV it provides a large, touchscreen keyboard while for a desktop it provides multi-touch input.

There is, however, one small problem with the “Front Row To Go” which Hockenberry even points it out himself…

selling a bigger touch device could cut into iPhone sales: keep your crappy cell phone and buy the netbook to throw in your purse or backpack.

Yep, the tablet would compliment your iPhone and Mac nicely if you already have both. If you’re a Mac-user without an iPhone though, it may well become an either-or decision. Pricing may be more critical than ever.