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Non-Microsoft utilities for Windows.

In digging up links to Microsoft’s “hidden” utilities for my last post, i re-discovered a few other links to useful (and free!) tools for Windows. They’re not things i’ve used extensively or very often but i thought i’d list them here should they be of use to someone. Somewhere. Maybe.

Trend Micro SysClean – The SysClean package available on this page is a really thorough anti-virus scanner useful for clearing an infected computer (you’ll also need the virus patterns file from here).

McAfee Stinger – Tiny, stand-alone anti-virus scanner that removes just the nastiest of bugs.

ClamWin – Free, open-source anti-virus scanner for Windows based on the ClamAV engine. (ClamXav is an OSX anti-virus program based on this engine too)

CobianBackup – Allows you to create backup copies of your work according to schedule or on demand.

Roxio UDF Reader / Nero InCD Reader – Some people will insist on using CDs as re-writable disks. If you get sent such a CD and don’t have the appropriate software already installed, you may find these “readers” rather useful.

InnoSetup – Create a Windows installer for your own programs.

ISObuster – Tool for aiding recovery of data from lightly damaged or dud CDs and DVDs.

WinMerge – Open-source utitlity for comparing files and folders. Allows differencing and merging of text files.

NirSoft Password Recovery Tools – A bunch of programs for recovering passwords saved in Outlook, IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc.