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iPhone OS 3.0 speculation.

There’s plenty of rumour and speculation about what updates to the iPhone Apple will announce today in their live preview event, but about the most sensible take i’ve read on these rumours is fryke’s. I’d tend to agree with all his points, with the exception being about MMS:

“People who were using MMS extensively before going iPhone _are_ missing the feature. But it really _is_ just an expensive (at least in some places) replacement for real E-Mail. The iPhone does E-Mail really well. Adding MMS would basically mean to invest development hours into a vanishing technology. So I’m saying: No need, really. iPhone apps allow you to use Facebook and other platforms to share your pix online. If your contacts only have older phones that _don’t_ do Facebook and/or E-Mail well, they should get a better phone. May I suggest an iPhone?”

Plenty of my “contacts” aren’t geeks… so while they might use email, they certainly don’t do so on their phone. Even if their phone handset is capable of it. MMS, however, is something that almost all my contacts have immediate access to (who doesn’t carry their mobile with them?) – and almost all of them can use it because it’s as simple as SMS. It’s clear that MMS hasn’t had the same impact as SMS but i’d hardly call it a vanishing technology. I guess we’ll see tonight where Apple stands on the matter.

I’m not an iPhone user so don’t have a list of gripes i’d want fixed by 3.0 but there are definitely some (perceived) problems that prevent this potential customer from becoming a customer.