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The other browser news.

Do you remember OmniWeb? It was, for a time, my browser of choice on the Mac. Yes, back when it’s only competitors were Netscape/Mozilla and IE for Mac, it felt like the freshest and most innovative option. Indeed, it was amongst the first browsers to feature the concept of tabs and certainly the first i remember seeing live thumbnail webpages in. Sadly my affection for the little browser was eventually knocked out by the double-blows of the arrival of other browsers for OSX (Firefox and Safari) and the OmniGroup’s decision to switch from “Free but displays the odd dialog box asking that you register”-ware to a time-limited demo version. After that OmniWeb went from seldom-used app to seldom-visited bookmark.

And then today, albeit swamped by the coverage of the new Safari beta, OmniGroup announced that OmniWeb is once again available for free. It seems that, as with some of their other products, they’re no longer actively developing it so they’re just giving it away. Granted that’ll mean we’ll see no more improvements but it’s certainly worth grabbing, if for nothing more than nostalgia…