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Bolt (3D).

Some outlets are referring to it as Bolt, others as Bolt 3D, but if you watch even half as much TV as me you can’t have helped but heard about Disney’s latest animated offering. It seems a day doesn’t pass lately where there isn’t a rave review of Bolt to be seen somewhere. For a Disney movie, this level of marketing isn’t a surprise. What is though, are the number of reviewers that are surprised to find that the film is good. Yes it’s true that Disney haven’t released any decent animated movies of their own for years now… but are people forgetting that Disney bought Pixar? And that the brilliant John Lasseter is now in charge at Pixar and Disney Animation Studios? For me, it would’ve been a shock if Pixar and Lasseter’s greatness hadn’t rubbed off.

Disney's Bolt

I doubt i’ll watch Bolt until it’s on DVD, or maybe even until it makes it onto TV, but when i do see it, i’ll fully expect a Pixar experience.

And for those wondering why i’m writing about kid movies in this “tech” blog… well, it’s because of the link to Pixar. I love Pixar! Why? Well, primarily because Toy Story was mind-bogglingly brilliant and different… but also because of the heritage – Pixar was conceived at Lucasfilm (i love Star Wars!) and brought into the world by Steve Jobs, who’d just been chucked from Apple (i love Apple!). Not geeky enough links for you? OK, I just discovered that John Lasseter drew the most famous version of the BSD Daemon… How’s that?