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A second gPhone.

The Mobile World Congress is on in Barcelona this week, so mobile phone news and announcements are thick on the ground. The first thing that’s grabbed my attention though is HTC’s announcement of another g(oogle)Phone. You already know the HTC Dream (AKA T-Mobile’s G1) – well meet its sister, the HTC Magic. It looks a little prettier than the G1 (in my opinion) but has no pull-out QWERTY keyboard – so it’s just a touchscreen and trackball affair. Oh, and the Magic will be exclusive to Vodafone in the UK.

googlephones T-mobile’s GooglePhone Vs Vodafone’s GooglePhone

The other news from MWC worth noting is that handset manufacturers and network operators have agreed on MicroUSB as a standard charger for all new phones. A great idea (for consumers anyway, since we’d be able to borrow each other’s chargers without worries of compatibility) but sadly there’s no date for implementation – just a vague target of 50% of new phones by 2012. By which time of course, there’ll probably be a better way of doing it.